Name: Meeko

Breed: French Bulldog

Owners: Melissa S. 

Hobbies: Meeko is a super social pup and loves spending time mingling with his fur-friends! He loves playing with any and all toys but his most favorite thing is playing chase with his buddies! Meeko also enjoys taking naps and cuddling with staff when he is not busy making friends!

Staff Comments:  Meeko deserves to be recognized this month as he has become a regular daycare attendee! Meeko is always excited to come play and can't wait to see his friends! Meeko is a well tempered pup who always uses his manners! He never meets a stranger and always welcomes any new pup with open paws! With his happy spirit, Meeko has quickly become "Mr. Popular" with his fur-friends and staff alike!

     November 2018

Guest of the Month