Name: Nelly

Breed: Dachshund / Jack Russel Mix

Owners: Rachel K.

Hobbies: Nelly enjoys being a lap dog and playing with her furry-friends! She loves to play chase and wrestle with her best bud Charlie, who some might say is her boyfriend ;). Nelly also enjoys giving sweet kisses to all of our staff and is notorious for her frequent zoomies!

Staff Comments:  Nelly deserves to be recognized this month as she is a frequent daycare attendee. She is always excited to come in and makes sure to greet front desk staff with hugs and kisses! Nelly is always eager to play with her friends and has quickly become popular among staff and guests alike with her sweet temperament and happy go lucky attitude. Nelly welcomes all friends new and old, is always on her best behavior and is a perfect role model for all guests!

     July 2018

Guest of the Month