Effective 07/08/2016: Please be sure and ask specifically for theINTRANASAL Bordetellawhen having your pet's vaccines updated every 6 months. Sometimes vet offices will carry all 3 types of the kennel cough vaccine (oral, intranasal and injectible). Due to the number of coughing cases that were seen at the vet offices that do not give the intranasal vaccine, versus the very low number of clients seen by the others, we are forced to require only the intranasal vaccine for the added parainfluenza protection that it has proven to provide. We have made this decision because we have the best interest of all the fur babies in mind and want them all to be as healthy as possible. In our experience, this vaccine made a tremendous difference in the immunity of the recent Parainfluenza outbreak that occurred in Bowling Green this past summer.
*Just a reminder that all vaccines must be given at least 2 weeks prior to date of check in to allow adequate amount of time to build up immunity provided by the vaccines.

Vaccine Policy:

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