Penthouse Suite

Princess Penthouse Suite

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Standard Suite View

Cat Condo

Extra "Paw"menities

Play Day - $18 (full day) / $15 (1/2 day < 6 hours)
Doggie Sleepovers: Standard Suite - $23 (sm/med) / $28 (lg) / $30 (xl) Per Night

Glass Suite- $30/night for all sizes and $25 for each additional pooch sharing a suite

Penthouse Suite -$40/night for all sizes and $25 for each additional pooch sharing a suite
Cat Condos- $23 Per Night 
Exotic and other Small animal Sleepovers - $15 Per Night

-Administering of medicines daily charge is $1/oral treatment and $5/injections such as insulin.

-Shampooch -baths varies based on size and coat of dog. Each bath includes hand drying and quick brush out. Additional de-shedding and brushing is available for an extra fee. Discounted departure baths ($5-$10)are given to any pet that stays 7+ days with us. Exit perfumes are available for $1-$4 for guests that want to leave smelling fresh without receiving a bath.

-Pet-a-cure - $12 (trim only) $15 (extra file down with dremel)

-Grooming (when available) –Full service grooms start at $45 for small dogs and increase based on size and coat. A` La Carte services are available for single quick visits or for additional add ons to each groom. (ex. Facial trim, potty patch, nail care, teeth brushing, de-shedding brush out etc)

-Pawsative Touch Massage - $10 For 10 minutes your pooch will get a pampered massage in the quiet of his/her own suite. This comes with a calming spritz spray and leaves your pet feeling fresh and relaxed.

-Yappy Hour- $2 Mid-day while boarding your pet will get a special treat of the day (extra baked goods or frozen flavored kong) in his/her suite while potty rotations take place

-Pupcorn and a Movie- $5 Includes free play in the arena while a movie shows and each pet receives a snack

-Private Walks- $5 for a 15 minute individual walk in addition to regular potty breaks. This includes a scenic stroll around the Koi pond and perimeter of the outdoor fenced area.

-Woof Meow Show Webcam- $5 access codes to link into private suites will be coming soon!

-Birthday “Pawty” $25- If your pet is with us on or near his/her birthday, we can make the day extra special with our exclusive pet “pawty”. Our extravaganza includes photos, decorations, a special treat on us, and a birthday gift to take home!

-Pet Taxi Service – We will pick up or drop off your pet at your request. There is a flat rate fee of $10 for less than 5 miles, $15 for 5-15 miles, and $20 for more than 15 mile plus an additional $0.25 per mile.

-Home Visits – We still provide trips to your home to care for the pets that prefer not to leave the comfort of their own home. These trips vary per mileage but start at a flat rate of $25 plus mileage. You can schedule us to stay for 30 minutes or 1 hour and we can make as many trips per day as needed. We can also care for any farm animals that may need tending to while you are away. Inquire about specific situations.

Daily Activities that are INCLUDED in every stay:

-Stimulating games/activities to enhance interaction and keep your pet alert and happy such as Bubbletastic Bacon Bubble Playtime, Scent exploration game of Hide and Seek with scented objects, etc

-Photos of your pet posted on our Facebook Page so you can check on them while you are away

-One on one interaction with our staff to ensure your pet feels safe and loved

-Room service- up to 3 owner provided meals per day and linen changes as needed

-Nightly tuck ins

-Rotated playtime in the indoor arena and fenced outdoor play yard

-Pet Perk Points allows you to earn a $20 credit toward any service when you build up 400 points. 

-Guest report card upon request 

Services and Rates